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What is Ring2Pix?


Welcome To Join Marketplace of Ring2Pix.com


A2Z Pix, Inc. DBA Ring2Pix.com is a marketplace and a fulfillment center where different manufacturers and suppliers keep their products to sell and deliver across the USA . It was created to provide an opportunity for businesses to sell their products online and offline.






There are many reasons which make us unique from the other marketplaces and a few of them we are going to share below:



  1. We are in the eCommerce business since 2003 and we have a network on over 200 social media websites.

  2. We own a search engine “DueClix.com” and we have developed many digital marketing software that helps to spread out the content across the internet in a very short period of time.

  3. We sale online, offline, retail and wholesale.

  4. We do not charge additional advertising fees rather we have a flat fee and no hidden or a surprise fee.

  5. We reply any of your inquiry same day in most cases.






  1. The seller uploads products at Ring2Pix.com; whereas a buyer buys at wholesale or retail.

  2. A seller is responsible for keeping a reasonable stock at the Ring2Pix warehouse to deliver goods in a timely manner.

  3. A seller will be responsible for any returned item, defected item and the charge back.


  1. Ring2Pix.com will follow the guidelines or instructions of the seller to deliver and collect payment on behalf of a buyer.

  2. Ring2Pix.com will ensure and take all the necessary steps to make sure the buyer is genuine and real prior to ship any product and in some cases a prior authorization will be obtained from a buyer and seller.

  3. The buyer can withdraw listing at any time and ask to return the stock. The buyer will bear the shipping and handling cost.

  4. Ring2Pix.com will release payment to a seller every after 15 days provided there is no dispute with a buyer.

  5. Ring2Pix.com will answer to all the inquiries and live chat with the seller's consent.

  6. Ring2Pix.com will use all applicable channels to expedite sales rather than simply depend on online networks.






Advanced monthly maintenance fees and commission on sales will be charged from each seller as follow.


  1. Monthly listing fees up to 100 listings is $9.99.

  2. Additional monthly $4.99 fees will be charged at every additional 100 listings.

  3. Ring2Pix.com charges 10% of the gross sales of each item in addition to the monthly listing fees.

  4. The listing will be inactivated if the payment is declined.

  5. It takes between seven to ten business days to complete your entire setup.

  6. A deposit will be made to make sure the account is active.

  7. Ring2Pix will collect and file sales tax returns.