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About Us

The world has changed after the pandemic of Covid-19;more businesses are adapting by going online to avoid facing a potential financial crises again.

Millions of people are jobless, small businesses are facing financial challenges, individuals are going into a depression and they are concerned about their future.

A2Z Pix, Inc. is taking an initiative to create new opportunities to bring people out of the financial crises and depression. Working as a network is the only solution to avoid such uncertainties.

About A2Z Pix.Inc.

A2Z Pix, Inc, is part of a large, reputed and trustable group. It is part of InfoTaxSquare.com which has established businesses across the United States, and serving since 2003. Whereas, DueClix.com which creates different digital marketing tools to make the content noticeable on the internet to increase sale digitally.

How does A2Z Pix, Inc. helps a retailer, supplier and manufacturer?

Sales and marketing is the most expensive, technical and time consuming components of any business where A2Z Pix, Inc. involves and takes hundred percent burden of sales and marketing to save resources and time.

Fulfillment Center - A2Z Pix Inc. provides a fulfillment center and does not charge any fixed monthly rental fees to keep the inventory.

Marketing and Advertising– A2Z Pix, Inc. advertises and market your products digitally across the world through the different search engines, marketplaces and social media websites without charging any fees. It covers over hundred social media websites.

Categories – A2Z Pix, Inc. is currently handling the following categories:

  1. Beauty Prodcuts
  2. Clothing
  3. Electronics
  4. Health Prodcuts
  5. Office Supplies
  6. Pet Supplies
  7. Shoes
  8. Sporting Goods9.
  9. Toys
  10. Watches

A2Z Pix, Inc. Fee

We charge a fixed percentage after the conversion and the percentage varies on each products and services.

We urge retailers, suppliers and the manufacturers to contact us to work as a network to expand your market to increase sales.

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